Best Cars for College Students

Top car models to choose in college
Many students in college have hard times without a car. Due to the lack of free time spent mostly on attending lectures, performing home assignments, and preparing projects, they sometimes miss shopping, visiting relatives, going to work, and doing other things that can be done faster if they had a car. In addition, living far from campus also promises long, unpleasant trips in public transport. If college assignments could be completed with online writing agencies (one of them you can find in speedypaper reviews), the problem of choosing a car is more complicated. If you want to choose a great model based on your tight budget, you should consider used cars or some simple options presented in this article.

Top car models for a tight budget

As well as asking your group mates «Can you help me with assignment?», you can ask for some recommendations for the best cheap cars you can consider buying in college. When you consider the best cars for college students, there are three important things you should focus on affordability, reliability, and safety. The first one is good for your limited budget, the second one is necessary to avoid having it break down every month, and the third one is just vital and doesn`t need any explanations. Even though many students are just fine without a personal vehicle, why not consider the options?

1. Ford Fiesta

This is one among the best affordable cars you can get for $12K in excellent condition. The used vehicle cost is just $2000, which makes it attractive for a student`s budget. This is a standard four-door sedan (sometimes hatchback). It has great safety ratings as well as quite a powerful engine, high-quality tires, reliable brakes, and aluminum wheels. In some cases you can even get a discount showing a student ID;

2. Chevrolet Sonic

The price of the used Chevy is $4K, which is a bit higher than Ford, but it totally deserves it. The car is small and compact, which comes in several designs (with an individual price each). Compared to other vehicles, it can boast with safety providing a few extra protection features in addition to airbags, camera, and other standard things;

3. Jeep Wrangler

This model is quite expensive if buying new (27K) but really affordable when it comes to the used condition (just 2K). It is a classic SUV that can cover any type of road and is great for those students who carry cargo from their homes to campuses on a regular basis. The vehicle is totally safe including control of electronic stability and cool stuff for drivers;

4. Mazda3

The used Mazda also comes within the 2K range and becomes one of the most popular models of compact cars. It is quite fuel-efficient and has nice entertainment stuff like a 7-inch touch-screen display. As this model was first launched over 15 years ago, you have a great choice of used options for quite an affordable price;

5. Toyota Yaris

This is a more expensive variant (3K for a used car), but you can get a new one for just 15K. It is a subcompact vehicle coming in different trims. Besides the hands-free Bluetooth calling system, it includes different types of alerts and a terrific safety system. This is an affordable and reliable model for a college student.